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Walkies At Rockbeare

Your Guide to Walkies at Rockbeare

Would you like to visit Walkies at Rockbeare? Do you want to find out more about how it works? Then you’re in the right place! Read on to learn how bookings work, how to gain access to our secure dog walking field, and the rules of the field.

How it Works: Booking

Look at our session availability and select a day, and time for your visit. Once you’ve found an available slot for a day, and time that suits you, decide on a session length and let us know how many dogs you’ll be bringing with you. Then, simply check out and pay for your session. Payments must be made through our website’s secure payment gateway. We accept payments from all major debit and credit card providers.

How it works – Making a booking - Walkies at Rockbeare

How it Works: Accessing The Field

How it works – Map - Walkies at Rockbeare

Once you have booked, you will receive a gate code to access the field, an hour before your appointment starts. This code is changed regularly. Please note that your time slot includes the time it take you to enter and leave the field – appointments are scheduled back-to-back, so please respect the previous and next user’s time, and bear in mind that their dogs may be reactive and need their own space.

If you arrive early, please remain in your vehicle until the previous session has ended, to avoid distress to dogs who may be nervous or reactive. Once you’re in the field, ensure you close the gate behind you, to prevent your dog escaping or unauthorised access. When leaving the field, please close and lock the gate, as the following user must enter their code to access the field.

How it Works: About The Facilities

How it works – Green Fence - Walkies at Rockbeare

Spanning three acres, our secure dog exercise area features a 5ft high fence, made from high tensile steel to keep your dogs safe and prevent escapes. We have a small gazebo in the field to help keep off the rain or provide some shade. Unfortunately, there is no water supply, but please do bring a bottle of water for your dog. Water bowls will be provided. As you arrive at your appointment, there is space to pull off the road into our small car park. Please make sure that the previous attendee has put their dogs in their car before taking yours out, as some of the dogs will be reactive. There is a further parking space within the fenced area, should you wish to drive in.

It is your responsibility to pick up all of your dog’s waste and remove it from the facility. Please do not let your dogs dig holes in the field, and please discourage them from making excessive noise that may disturb residents and livestock nearby. Anyone found to be misusing the field will be blocked from future bookings. You may not exercise your dog outside of the designated secure dog walking field. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in you being banned from Walkies at Rockbeare.

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If you have any questions that have not been covered above, please get in touch with us! You can contact us via email, our contact form or by phone on 07498 210732.